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Midnight Blouse

$525.00 USD

Indulge in the sheer elegance of our pure silk blouse, adorned with delicate cascading flowers that epitomize feminine charm.

Highlighted by charming design details like the front tie and high collar, this blouse exudes a playful yet sophisticated allure. Embrace the romantic essence of spring with each wear.

Versatile enough to be styled elegantly or casually, this blouse effortlessly transitions through the seasons, ensuring you radiate grace and beauty year-round.

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"Making The World A More Beautiful Place, One Dress At A Time"
The Trisha Paterson Collection is special; our clothing is made from the highest quality luxury Italian fabrics and in small quantities, every stitch is placed with care to create a wearable masterpiece.
Owning a Trisha Paterson Collection is, therefore, a personal experience; your dress, like you, is unique. With an individual atelier approach to fashion, we assure you that our gowns will never be mass-produced.
The intricate patterning and vivid colors of our dresses are owed to the Italian luxury silk fabrics we use, which are renowned in the fashion world for their beautiful feel and look.
Elegant but fun, sexy but smart; this is our promise to you, to give you a dress that reflects these qualities in the shimmer of its fabric and in the shape of its silhouette. Enjoy the collection.
Trisha Paterson

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