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The Trisha Paterson Collection Story

“Making the world a more beautiful place one dress at a time"


The Trisha Paterson Collection is special; with it’s dresses made from the highest quality luxury Italian fabrics and in small quantities, every stitch is placed with care to create a wearable masterpiece.

Owning a Trisha Paterson Collection dress is therefore a personal experience; your dress, like you, is unique. With an individual atelier approach to fashion, we assure you that our gowns will never be mass produced.

The intricate patterning and vivid colours of our dresses is owed to the Italian Alta Moda luxury silk fabrics we use, which are renowned in the fashion world for their beautiful feel and look.

Elegant but fun, sexy but smart; this is our promise to you, to give you a dress that reflects these qualities in the shimmer of its fabric and in the shape of its silhouette. Enjoy the collection.

Lots of love,

Trisha Paterson


The Trisha Paterson Collection atelier is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. If you are visiting Paris or a Parisienne I invite you to come visit our atelier for a private showing and fitting; let us show you our complete line of elegant, beautiful dresses. Please call us for an appointment.

Please email or text/sms us if you have any questions (about sizing, fitting or delivery for example) and don’t worry, our shipping is worldwide and always free.

It would be my pleasure to help find the right dress for you


Please email me at: trisha@trishapatersoncollection.com

Or text/sms me in the USA/Canada at: 1-786-493-5496

For the UK/Europe (and the rest of the world) text/sms me at:

+33 (0) 6 95 59 77 60




Recent Trisha Paterson Dress Collection Client Comments:


Anne H. (U.K. client) - "I came back home yesterday from wearing my dress at my friends beach wedding in Barbados and couldn't be happier!!"


Nicole T. (USA client) - "I just received my dress and I love it! Thanks Trisha."


Sofia R. (Italian client) - "The dinner party last night was a huge success and everyone said I looked fabulous in my new dress. Grazie Trisha!"


Anna W. (DE client) - "I wore my new dress on the weekend at my best friend's birthday dinner. All my friends loved my dress! Thanks Trisha"


Beatrice S. (FR client) - "I wore my new dress for the first time last night at a company party and got many compliments. Merci Trisha"


Alexandra M. (U.K.) - "I wore my recently received Pure Joy dress last night and my husband just loved how I looked in it - thanks."


Catherine R. (USA) - "My Pure Joy dress arrived today and it fits beautifully and looks great - thanks for sending it so quickly as I am wearing it out tonight!"