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It's like wearing a piece of Art

The Trisha Paterson Collection - Beautiful & Elegant Dresses that make you look fabulous!


Fine fabrics, quality European craftsmanship, unique exclusive designs and all at affordable luxury prices.

 The Trisha Paterson Collection is a stylish and unique fashion line that brings together traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design to create extraordinary pieces of clothing. Drawing on her own experiences in Paris and Italy, Trisha works with custom textile and pattern makers to construct stunning gowns, dresses, and more for women around the world. Pieces feature luxurious Italian silk in a range of styles from glamorous evening gowns to casual maxi dresses.

Trisha has an eye for detail when it comes to her designs, incorporating her exceptional sense of style, color, and design into each piece. Her goal is to help women express themselves through fashion while also enhancing their natural beauty. Whether you're looking for something special for the upcoming wedding or simply want a statement piece to add some sophistication to your everyday look, the Trisha Paterson Collection has something for you.