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Le Trisha Paterson Collection - Robes belles et élégantes qui vous font avoir l'air fabuleuses!

"Trying To Make The World A More Beautiful Place - One Dress At A Time"

The Trisha Paterson Collection is special.  I don't produce dresses and gowns by the hundreds or thousands, I design and create unique and gorgeous dresses, made from luxury Italian fabrics and produce only a dozen.

A dozen dresses for the whole world!  

Your Trisha Paterson Collection dress is therefore unique. It will never be in 100+ stores on a rack with 20 more exactly the same.  Which means when you go to a social event, you will look and feel wonderful and special because you are wearing a fabulous dress and you are totally unique.

What is the same about my line of dresses as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana etc. is our high quality. We use the same Italian "Alta Moda" luxury stretch silk fabrics as Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana do, but they have retail prices of thousands of  dollars/euros/pounds.

THE TRISHA PATERSON COLLECTION - Fine fabrics, quality European craftsmanship, unique exclusive designs and all at affordable luxury prices.

That is my promise to you.

I send you smiles and wish you happiness.

Your new Paris based fashion designer friend,

Trisha Paterson


P.S. Please be sure to look at my full dress collection (on the menu just click "shop Trisha dress collection now") as I am sure there is at least one (maybe two or three?) beautiful and elegant dresses in the collection that you will just love.


 Trisha Paterson - Paris based Fashion Designer