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It's like wearing a piece of Art

Le Trisha Paterson Collection - Robes belles et élégantes qui vous font avoir l'air fabuleuses!

"Making The World A More Beautiful Place - One Dress At A Time"

The Trisha Paterson Collection is special.  I don't produce dresses and gowns by the hundreds or thousands, I design and create unique and gorgeous dresses, made from luxury Italian fabrics and produce only a dozen.

A dozen dresses for the whole world!  

Your Trisha Paterson Collection dress is therefore unique. It will never be in 100+ stores on a rack with 20 more exactly the same.  Which means when you go to a social event, you will look and feel wonderful and special because you are wearing a fabulous dress and you are totally unique.

THE TRISHA PATERSON COLLECTION - Fine fabrics, quality European craftsmanship, unique exclusive designs and all at affordable luxury prices.