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Byzantium - Art in motion

$595.00 USD
This breathtaking Byzantium dress is perfect for any special event. Crafted with incredible attention to detail and unique craftsmanship, this piece will ensure that you stand out in the crowd. The rich color palette is truly breathtaking. The open back adds an extra touch of glamour and sophistication while the silhouette flatters your figure. Whether you are attending a wedding or a birthday party, this dress will make sure all eyes are on you.
Pair it with strappy gold heels for an added touch of elegance and be prepared to hear plenty of compliments. This exquisite artistry doesn't end at the dress though - its true beauty lies in the way it moves gracefully with each step. 
The Trisha Paterson Collection is the perfect choice for those seeking to invest in something truly special. Each of our dresses is made with the utmost attention and care, using only the finest quality Italian fabrics that are renowned in the fashion industry for their luxurious feel and beautiful look. These premium fabrics are carefully crafted into elegant and fun pieces that offer a timelessly sophisticated style.
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